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Burgtec Offset Shock Hardware

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19.0mm x 8.0mm Titanium
22.0mm x 6.0mm Titanium
22.0mm x 8.0mm Titanium
25mm x 8mm Titanium
30.0mm x 8.0mm Titanium
40.0mm x 8.0mm Titanium

Some bikes just need a performance tweak and Offset bushes can give you that improvement in handling you’re after.

The offset hardware allows the head angle to be easily manipulated simply by shortening or lengthening the effective eye to eye of the shock.

This allows you to slacken the head angle and drop the bottom bracket and improve the handling of the bike.

What effect will these have:

It all depends on the bike, the size of the bolt, if you run a single or a pair. 

Generally we say a pair will give you the following:

  • 6mm bolt – 6mm offset | 1.5° HA | -15mm BB
  • 8mm bolt – 4mm offset | 1.0° HA | -10mm BB
  • 10mm bolt – 2mm offset | 5° HA | -5mm BB

If you just run one you will get:

  • 6mm bolt - 3mm offset | 0.75° | -7.5mm BB
  • 8mm bolt -2mm offset | 0.5° | -5mm BB
  • 10mm bolt - 1mm offset | 0.25° | -2.5mm BB

Again this can vary on the bike. 

As featured in the Dirt 100.

Paul Burwell freelance MTB journalist “Completely changed the feel of the bike”


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