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Unior Cassette Wrench

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1670/2BI 10/11/12 Tooth
1670/2BI 13/14 Tooth
1670/2BI-AXS for SRAM X-Range

Tools with verified quality
Unior Hand tools are in compliance with the European and global quality standards. Unior is striving to assure the high quality of hand tools also as a fully authorized CEO (European Tools Committee) member.
Unior was among the first manufacturers of hand tools in Europe to receive ISO 9001 quality certificate. In 1994, the company received ISO 9001 quality certificate for the development, production and marketing of hand tools, sheet metal housing for hand tools and mechanical processing of forging parts.
Unior tools are in compliance with DIN standard. Since 1991, the tools for working at high voltage also proudly hold VDE certificate, issued by VDE Institute- "Pruf und Zertifizierungsinstitut" from Offenbach in Germany.

Cassette Wrench

A modern and effective replacement for the traditional chain whip, our 1670/2BI Cassette Wrench gives you a quick and easy way to securely hold a cassette to loosen a lock ring.

Each side of the tool has 3 pins that mesh with the cassette teeth to hold the cassette in place. The pins have anti-slip ridges at the outer edges to keep the tool in place and keep your knuckles from bleeding.

We make two versions: one to fit cassettes that have either an 10/11 or 12 tooth small cog, and one to fit cassettes with a 13 or 14 tooth small cog such as "junior cassettes". The 11/12t version features longer pins on the 12t side designed to reach past the 10t cog found on some SRAM and Shimano mountain bike cassettes.

Once you give our Cassette Wrench a try we're pretty sure you'll never want to go back to at traditional chain whip again.

We make this tool in our European factories from the highest quality tool steel, hardened and tempered then chrome plated in accordance with EN12540 for a long service life.

The handle is 350mm in length for excellent leverage to grip your bike cassette securely and with minimal effort - this bike tool is solid, thick and will not buckle under pressure allowing you total confidence in it's performance


  • Material: special tool steel, hardened and tempered 
  • Surface finish: chrome plated according to ISO 1456:2009 
  • Ergonomic heavy duty double component handle 
  • The freewheel remover is intended for all types of sprocket including cassete types. It is useful  for freewheel with 11 and 12 teeth. 
  • SRAM wrench is single sided, compatible only with SRAM X-Range cassettes

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