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DT Swiss - 350 Rear IS (6-Bolt) MTB (2022)

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HUB (6Bolt) HG 12/142mm 28h (2022) (H350NDDBR28SA0478S)
HUB (6Bolt) HG 12/142mm 32h (2022) (H350NDDBR32SA0478S)
HUB (6Bolt) XD 12/142mm 28h (2022) (H350NDDRR28SA0000S)
HUB (6Bolt) XD 12/142mm 32h (2022) (H350NDDRR32SA0000S)
HUB (6Bolt) Boost MS 12/148mm 28h (2022) (H350TDD2R28SA0479S)
HUB (6Bolt) Boost MS 12/148mm 32h (2022) (H350TDD2R32SA0479S)
HUB (6Bolt) Boost HG 12/148mm 28h (2022) (H350TDDBR28SA0482S)
HUB (6Bolt) Boost HG 12/148mm 32h (2022) (H350TDDBR32SA0482S)
HUB (6Bolt) Boost XD 12/148mm 28h (2022) (H350TDDRR28SA9100S)
HUB (6Bolt) Boost XD 12/148mm 32h (2022) (H350TDDRR32SA9100S)



Dependable Independence – Reliability, versatility and simplicity united in a hub.

Thanks to the proven freehub Ratchet System, the 350 hub is a dependable partner for every adventure. The 36 tooth ratchets ensure direct power transmission. The sophisticated yet simple construction of the hub allows a low weight while providing outstanding rolling performance. Furthermore, it enables cyclists not only to maintain their freehub system without special tools, but also to convert to the various standards. The intention behind the 350 was to create a dependable hub that supports cyclists in their independence.

Weight: From 243g

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